Pro-justice, Anti-hate: A Message of Love and Support

FLY stands in solidarity with the Asian, Asian-American, and Pacific Islander communities. This is a national problem and it also hits home at FLY. We will stand up against injustice and offer ourselves as protection against threats to their safety.

FLY's Commitment to Racial Equity

In 2021, FLY’s Commitment to racial equity and justice is stronger than ever. In this video, hear from our CEO Ali Knight about our Imagine 2030 plan to help 30,000 California youth exit the pipeline to prison and advance racial equity and justice for all youth.

Overcoming the Odds with Destiny & Josy

During the summer of 2020 when the pandemic was in full-force, Destiny was there for Josy when no one else was. Since they’ve met, Josy has successfully graduated high school during the pandemic, completed probation, obtained AB-12 status, and is the first in his family to attend college. Read the full story on our blog: 

Lyflines Podcast

Hayden Renato, a fellow of the Youth Justice Board on Oakland’s Reimaging Public Safety Task Force and 2019 Oakland Youth Poet Laureate Finalist, was featured in Episode 7 of the @lyflines_podcast! Here is a short excerpt from the episode, in which Hayden goes into detail on alternatives to policing and the importance of youth voice. Visit the Lyflines website to hear the full episode. 

FLY's 2020 Annual Report

We are pleased to present the annual report for Fiscal Year 2020! Thank you to everyone who supported us– this report is truly a testament to your commitment to our young people, our communities, and to justice!

start At FLY, we interrupt the pipeline to prison and support youth on their path to healthy, free, and productive lives. last

Fresh Lifelines for Youth (FLY) is an award-winning nonprofit serving Bay Area youth involved in the juvenile justice system and those at risk. We educate them about the law and their rights, give them positive mentors and role models, and support them to become leaders among their peers and in their communities. Together with our young people, we also help our juvenile justice systems become more just, humane, and equitable. As a result, FLY increases safety and decreases the costs and consequences of crime.

“FLY gave me the hope that I can be the person I want to be. And I’m taking steps to be that person every day.”

— FLY Youth