Thank You for Attending FLY's Showcase!

Thank you for joining us at FLY’s 2022 LEAD WITH LOVE Showcase! It filled our hearts to be with so many of our wonderful supporters in person this year. If you were unable to attend, we now have a Showcase Highlights Reel video up on our Youtube Channel so that you can witness all of the event’s best moments. 

What Love Looks Like at FLY

This is a video created in partnership with one of our Youth Content Creator Fellows, Brandy, and our partners at Bay Area nonprofit, Youth Beat. It encapsulates what love looks like at FLY—whether it may be sharing a warm meal with friends, knowing you have someone that you can trust, or advocating to make things better for the next generation.

Ali’s Personal Journey to Justice

We are excited to present “Why I FLY, President & CEO Ali Knight’s Journey to Justice”. This video illuminates Ali’s personal Journey to Justice, as well as FLY’s vision for our young people and communities.

FLY at the State Assembly

Nick Jasso, FLY Alumni and former staff, advocated for AB 2658 at the CA Assembly Public Safety Committee. FLY is proud to announce that the bill successfully moved foward! This will lead to much needed reform to address a variety of problems with electronic monitoring in the juvenile legal system.

FLY is hiring

Right now, FLY is hiring for multiple positions across our agency with varying levels of experience. As our work grows bigger so does our need for more team members. Come join the FLY family and make a difference in our communities!
start FLY’s mission is to partner with youth to unlock their potential, disrupt the pipeline to prison, and advance justice in California and beyond. last

Fresh Lifelines for Youth (FLY) is an award-winning nonprofit serving Bay Area youth impacted by the justice system. Our programs connect young people with positive mentors and role models, promote their understanding of the law and their rights, and support them to become leaders among their peers and in their communities. Together with our young people, we also help our justice systems become more just, humane, and equitable. As a result, FLY increases safety and decreases the costs and consequences of crime.

“FLY gave me the hope that I can be the person I want to be. And I’m taking steps to be that person every day.”

— FLY Youth