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CPNs focus on connecting youth to education and career resources, with a secondary focus on basic needs such as housing and security. CPNs are meant to be coaches, not teachers. They communicate with school administrators, teachers, college admissions counselors, and job training program coordinators, and they connect youth to career opportunities, education resources, and other self-sufficiency tools.

CPNs apply a Design Thinking in Career Coaching approach, in which youth are acknowledged as experts in their own lives. The approach also encompasses Motivational Interviewing techniques, Strengths-Based approaches, and Trauma-Informed approaches, with particular awareness of Educational Trauma.

how youth are referred

Referrals are made from FLY staff. This is an additional support available to all youth in case management programs with educational outcomes (Middle School, Leadership, Reentry, and STAY FLY).

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Two teens posing and smiling together. One wearing a mask and one covered in a blanket

CPNs serve as an additional asset to FLY’s case management programs. While programs provide case management, coaching, and mentoring, CPNs can be utilized as career and education resources as well as provide specific coaching, referrals, and connections.

In the last program year 2021-2022, FLY’s CPN supported youth achieved a higher rate of goal completion, compared to FLY youth who did not have a CPN support. 100% of CPN supported youth felt they learned new tools.

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Contact for more information

Santa Clara County

Elissa Espinoza
(209) 741-3843

Alameda County

A’saysha Session
(510) 205-1125

San Mateo County

Harold Atkins
(408) 829-5271

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The FLY group is not just there to give us lectures…They really do care so they help us choose our paths, they help us choose anything of our interests, and they really want us to pursue and be successful.

Arturo P. (Hayward Community School Youth, AC Law Program)