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The STAY FLY Program is a 9-12 month program for young adults (18-25) who are impacted by the justice system.

Through Law-Related Education (LRE) workshops and/or one-on-one case management support, STAY FLY develops social-emotional learning (SEL) skills, increases positive community support, and advances knowledge of the law in transition-aged youth (TAY). STAY FLY youth receive support beginning in custody, and continue to be supported by FLY staff as they transition back into the community.

Law-Related Education (LRE)

STAY FLY’s Law-Related Education builds agency and self-advocacy in TAY through eight legal education workshops taught once a week for two hours, in and/or out of custody. These workshops are led by trained FLY facilitators who create a co-learning experience with the support of media, activities, and a range of educational materials. FLY captures youth interest with valuable information about the deep and complicated history of the justice system and how it affects their lives. With this understanding, youth discover and discuss ways to navigate the systems and overcome challenges unique to young adults, while building their skills to make choices that align with their values and influence systemic change.

Goal Coaching

FLY builds powerful relationships with youth to help them confront the challenges they face in achieving their goals. Each young person who participates in the case management portion of the program receives individualized support through STAY FLY. Case Managers provide intensive, one-on-one coaching that aims to help youth build a larger support network throughout the community over the course of the program year.

Fun Events and Community Service

Throughout the program year, young adults have opportunities to get together with their peers and do fun things like go-karting, laser tag, and white-water rafting. At these events, participants practice prosocial skill building with the support of peers and staff. These events and activities are youth-designed and align with ideas and interests that are unique to each group. Community service activities are meant to be both fun and engaging while helping young people find ways to improve the communities that matter most to them.


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Decreased Justice System Involvement

On average, over 80% of the STAY FLY Program youth do not sustain a new charge during their time in the program. By comparison, national research data shows that without effective intervention, 50% – 80% of youth released from facilities will recidivate.

Increased Educational/Career Attainment

On average, over 75% of youth experience one or more educational or career attainment outcome(s) during the program year: high school graduation, post-secondary enrollment, grade matriculation, school re-engagement, and employment.

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Increased Social-Emotional Learning

Lastly, on average, over 75% of youth increase their social-emotional learning skills in at least one of the following domains: self-awareness, social awareness, critical thinking, and self-advocacy. 

Together, these outcomes lead youth to greater self-sufficiency, as well as give them the tools to become leaders in our communities.

Contact for more information

Santa Clara County

Vianni Garcia
(408) 856-4376

Alameda County

Trisha Mah
(510) 890-9133

San Mateo County

Lizbeth Martinez
(650) 533-7650

Contra Costa County

JoElbert ‘Joe’ Dennis
(209) 741-9467

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Every time I come to FLY, I feel at home.

FLY Participant