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Law Program

The FLY Law Program is a 12-week program for youth who want to learn more about the law while building skills to help them navigate their lives.

The Law program is held at schools, community centers, and juvenile facilities. Youth are referred by probation officers, judges, principals, teachers, counselors, and community members.

Law-Related Education (LRE)

FLY’s Law-Related Education builds agency and self-advocacy in youth through legal education workshops that cover topics such as knowing my rights, civic engagement & three strikes, property crimes, substance use & well-being, sex & consent, and gangs & community. These workshops are led by trained FLY facilitators who aim to create a co-learning experience with the support of media, activities, and discussion. FLY captures youth interest with valuable information about the deep and complicated history of the justice system and how it affects their lives. With this understanding, youth discover and discuss ways to navigate the system, while building their skills to make choices that align with their values and influence systemic change.

Field Trip & Recognition Ceremony

Youth take a field trip to a local law school where they tour the campus and act out a mock trial. The final week is a recognition ceremony where youth receive certificates of completion and can reflect and celebrate their accomplishments and contributions.

Group Mentoring

Each site has a dedicated group of facilitators made up of FLY staff and volunteers. These facilitators create space for youth to explore and share their own identities and experiences in addition to supporting youth to identify ways they want to be in the world so that they can fully embrace their personal power.

How Youth Are referred

FLY generally accepts referrals for youth to our Law Program from probation departments; school teachers, counselors, and administrators; social workers; and family and community members.

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How to Volunteer

Most of FLY’s law classes are taught by community members who receive in-depth training and on-going support from FLY staff. Please see our Law Program Volunteer Facilitator information and application using the link below.\



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Research shows that youth who are exposed to legal education are less likely to break the law. The course helps young people understand the consequences of crime and inspires them to change behaviors that could act as barriers to future success.

Increased Social-Emotional Learning

On average, over 75% of youth in the Law Program increase their social-emotional learning skills in at least one of the following domains: self-awareness, social awareness, critical thinking, and self-advocacy.

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Increased Knowledge of the Law and One’s Rights

On average, over 75% of youth in the Law Program also increase their knowledge of the law and one’s rights.

Together, these outcomes provide youth with the knowledge and skills to make informed decisions that will reduce their involvement with the justice system and lead to more positive futures.

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