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Nancy Happy Fund

Nancy Wright started her career as a Juvenile Probation Officer. She was FLY’s Board Chair in the early 2000s, and over the years, Nancy was a FLY investor, ambassador, mentor, and dear friend to FLY. Before she passed away in December 2020, she and her husband Eric gave a generous gift to create the “Nancy Happy Fund” for FLY youth. The fund is intended to give youth new experiences, supplies for school or work, gifts to celebrate birthdays or graduations—anything that brings them happiness.

To express our gratitude, we’ve put together a thank you video from some of the grateful recipients of the Nancy Happy Fund. Check out all the amazing ways the fund has spread happiness to our young people.

These are just a few of the youth that have benefited and will continue to benefit from the Nancy Happy Fund. We are so excited and thankful that case managers and other staff are going to be able to continue to use this fund to spread happiness to our youth and their families for the next two years.

Most recently, the Nancy Happy Fund has been able to provide new school clothes and a new backpack for Cecilia, a youth who takes care of her younger siblings and rarely gets new things for school. Through the Fund, our teams were also able to provide holiday gifts for youth who are incarcerated in San Mateo County and Santa Clara County.

FLY is incredibly blessed to have benefited from Nancy’s love, service, support, and wisdom, and we are deeply grateful to the Wright family for investing in the Nancy Happy Fund!