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FLY’s Movement for Justice: The Power of Youth Voice

FLY’s Movement for Justice series addresses hot topics on the juvenile justice landscape. In our third installment, we discussed The Power of Youth Voice, focusing on the work of our Youth Advisory Councils (YACs) in partnership with the juvenile probation departments of Santa Clara County and Alameda County.

The panel discussion and Q&A comprised of FLY Vice President of Youth Voice, Susie Rivera, and four panelists who have been working to advance youth justice on this issue:

  • Angel Ramos, Member of the YAC to Santa Clara County Probation
  • Estefani Herrera, Member of the YAC to Santa Clara County Probation
  • Marc Utsey, Supervising Probation Officer with Santa Clara County
  • Jessica Peregrina, Alameda County Youth Advisory Council Manager at FLY

Watch the full discussion on our YouTube Channel!



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