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FLY Youth Advocate for “Disrupting the School to Prison Pipeline Month”

We are thrilled to share about the amazing work that two youth advisory council youth, Aydeth Ramirez and Estefani Herrera, have accomplished in Santa Clara County. Their efforts have resulted in the Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors proclaiming January as “Disrupting the School to Prison Pipeline to Month,” an initiative that will promote a smoother reentry process for young people beginning school after incarceration. Over the past two years, the YAC has been meeting with the Santa Clara County Juvenile Court Aligned Action Network (JCAAN) to develop county goals for youth re-entering schools after being incarcerated. JCAAN is a group of community leaders across systems and organizations that work together to improve outcomes for young people. Aydeth and Estefani are the Youth co-chairs of this committee, serving as Youth Justice Consultants. Their hard work and dedication have paid off, as they have been able to negotiate with the County Counsel and gain the support of County Supervisor Ellenberg to declare January as Disrupting the School to Prison Pipeline month. This initiative will aim to promote a smooth reentry process for young people beginning school after incarceration, which will ultimately help to disrupt the cycle of the school to prison pipeline. In December, Aydeth and Estefani spoke to the Board about their initiative. Estefani spoke in favor of passing the proclamation and the importance of creating pathways to success for young people. She emphasized that “our education systems need to be more loving.” We couldn’t agree more, and this accomplishment gives us confidence that our young people’s voices and experiences can and will inspire a more just and loving approach within our systems. It is truly inspiring to see young people take on leadership roles and advocate for change in their communities. Aydeth and Estefani’s hard work and dedication will not only benefit young people beginning school after incarceration but also pave the way for a more just and equitable education system for all students. We look forward to seeing their continued efforts and the positive impact they will make in the future.