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FLY’s Inaugural Content Creator Fellowship

Teen girl with long hair using an iPhone to photograph plants

Fresh Lifelines for Youth (FLY) took a significant step towards amplifying youth voices by launching its inaugural Content Creator Fellowship. FLY’s innovative initiative aimed to elevate and embed youth voice into FLY’s communications while equipping young fellows with marketable job skills. The fellowship provided a comprehensive 8-month cohort experience. FLY youth immersed themselves in various content creation skills, including editing, photography, video editing, and graphic design. The hybrid program combined virtual instruction, in-person classes, and skill-building field trips. Recently the fellowship culminated in a graduation ceremony where the participants showcased their skills through online portfolios.

Equipping Youth with Marketable Skills:

Throughout the 8-month cohort, participants received comprehensive training in editing, photography, video editing, and graphic design. Under expert guidance of a professional from Youth Beat Media, the youth honed their craft and developed proficiency in these in-demand skills. This training not only prepared them for potential job opportunities but also equipped them to advocate for causes they care about.

Hybrid Learning Experience:

The fellowship embraced a hybrid learning model, combining virtual instruction, in-person classes, one on one support, and skill-building field trips. This unique approach provided the participants with a well-rounded learning experience and fostered a sense of camaraderie among the cohort. Virtual instruction allowed for flexibility and accessibility, while in-person classes facilitated hands-on learning and collaboration. The skill-building field trips provided real-world exposure, allowing the youth to apply their knowledge in practical scenarios and broaden their perspectives.

Utilizing Cutting-Edge Tools:

One notable aspect of FLY’s Content Creator Fellowship was the provision of an iPhone Pro Max to each youth. These high-quality smartphones equipped with advanced cameras became their primary tools throughout the program. Not only did this enable participants to capture and create visually stunning content, but they were also able to keep their phones after the fellowship. This enabled them to continue utilizing these valuable resources for future employment or advocacy efforts.

Celebrating Achievements and Building Connections:

The culmination of the cohort was marked by a celebratory graduation ceremony, where the talented youth showcased their skills through portfolios. This celebration served as a testament to their hard work, growth, and creative expression. Moreover, the fellowship fostered a positive and supportive environment, and forged lasting relationships. Participants not only explored their creativity but also formed meaningful connections with one another. Building these relationships provided a network of support and inspiration, ensuring that the impact of the fellowship extended beyond the program’s duration.


FLY’s inaugural Content Creator Fellowship was a groundbreaking initiative that empowered young individuals with marketable job skills. Throughout an 8-month cohort experience, participants developed expertise in content creation skills such as editing, photography, video editing, and graphic design. The hybrid learning model, incorporating virtual instruction, in-person classes, and skill-building field trips, provided a comprehensive educational journey. Equipped with iPhone Pro devices, the youths utilized cutting-edge tools to capture and create visually appealing content. The graduation ceremony served as a platform to showcase their skills, while the fellowship fostered a supportive space for creativity and personal growth. FLY’s Content Creator Fellowship represents a remarkable endeavor that not only offers tangible opportunities for youth but also highlights the immense talent and potential of the next generation.