Board Materials

Welcome to our Board web page, where you’ll be able to view, download, or link to the latest Annual Report, the FLY Message Guide, our literature, FLY’s videos, FLY’s Social Media, and marketing materials for our events. If you have any questions or requests, please contact Claire Wagner, FLY’s Director of Communications, at or 669-238-1078. Download the QR code for this page for quick access later.


Employer Matching Gifts & Volunteer Matching

We installed a new web tool from Double the Donation that has a search function for employers who offer matching gifts for employee donations or volunteer hours or both. Your own gifts and volunteer hours as Board members may qualify (even if you are retired). Please check it out at this link.

General (year-round) QR Codes

Center your phone’s camera over the image and you’ll automatically be directed to a page to donate or to research matching gift opportunities.


FY19-20 Annual Report

Read FLY’s Annual Report and Data Summary. Visit our Financials Page for previous years.

Message Guide

Click here to download our Message Guide, which organizes and streamlines the way we talk about FLY to our supporters, funders, and the general public.


We are developing a full set of literature with the latest program and impact information. We’ll continue updating this page as more pieces are created.

FLY Social Media