Happy Birthday, Ryan!

Ryan, you bring FLY Love and FLY Magic to our team every day. Thank you for all you do for us. Have a very, very happy birthday and a great new year of life!

Ryan, wishing you a wonderful birthday. I’m sure it’s going to be one of those birthdays that you never forget – I hope you feel all the love from your friends and family and know how much your FLY development team appreciates you! XO, Claudia

Happy Birthday, Ryan! It’s truly a day to celebrate, cause you’re awesome. Thanks for being your tenacious, positive self. We wanna see a picture of you in your crown. ‘Cause you’re royalty today!  – Lizzie

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, RYAN! I know our current situation isn’t the best way to celebrate your birthday, but I hope this message will make it best for you! I have never met someone so kind, humble, and always looking out for others like you. As a person who dealt with a lot of obstacles and difficulties along the way, I am so grateful to have met you as a friend and always making sure our well-being is our top priority. I hope you have an awesome birthday! 🙂 Martin Nguyen

Ryan! Happy Birthday, dear friend! Wishing you a year filled with joy, self-care, and creativity as we all navigate this wild world. Looking forward to celebrating together in the future. Lots of love, Katie

Happy birthday to the incredible human who holds the Dev Team together! You share your exceptional talents with FLY so generously; your leadership is invaluable. Working with you is the best. I hope you feel celebrated today and every day. You are so loved! -Malia

Ryan, thank you for being you – friendly, giving, compassionate, dedicated, generous, and always encouraging. I will always be grateful for your kind spirit! I wish we could celebrate together like last year. 🙂 Love, Claire aka Eyore