Who We Are

President and Chief Executive Officer: Ali Knight, MPA (Biography)
Vice President of Infrastructure and Chief Financial Officer: Carlos Garcia, MPA (Biography)
Vice President of Youth Voice and Executive Director of Santa Clara County: Susie Rivera, JD, MS, CPCC (Biography)
Vice President of Community Impact: Cassidy Higgins, PhD (Biography)
Vice President of Development: Katie Sandoval-Clark (Biography)
Chief of Staff: Anna Nguyen, MSW (Biography)
Founder: Christa Gannon, JD (Biography)

Adriana Canales, Reentry Program Case Manager, Santa Clara County
Alondra Tejeda, Career Pathways Navigator, Alameda County
Aren Santos, Evaluation & Learning Coordinator
A’saysha Session, Law Program Evaluation Specialist, Alameda County
Avril Simiano Hernandez, Leadership Program Case Manager, San Mateo County
Barbara Martinez, Donor and Corporate Engagement Manager
Brianna Ramos, Career Pathways Navigator, San Mateo County
Caleb Prewitt, Operations & Compliance Coordinator, Santa Clara County
Carl Williams, Youth Advisory Council Manager, Santa Clara County
Cecilia Flores, Technical Assistance Project Coordinator
Chay Tadeo, Leadership Program Manager, Alameda County
Chinasa Mackey, STAY FLY Case Manager, Alameda County
Claire Wagner, Communications Specialist
Colin Ford, Policy Associate, Alameda County
Cy Faiaipau, Lead Evaluation & Learning Analyst
Danielle Parga, CAFA Mentor Program Case Manager, Santa Clara County
Delayna Rosas, Law & Reentry Programs Coordinator, San Mateo County
Devon Matsumoto, Leadership & Middle School Programs Coordinator
Diana Joves, Communications Coordinator
Eberardo Lopez, CAFA Mentor Program Volunteer Recruitment & Events Manager, Santa Clara County
Emmanuel “Manny” Cardenas, Associate Director of Programs and Partnerships, Santa Clara County
Felicia Cantu, CAFA Mentor Program Manager, Alameda County
Fernanda Fonseca, Law & STAY FLY Program Coordinator, Alameda County
Gabrielle Castor-Thomas, Talent & Operations Coordinator
Ivan Hernandez, Leadership Program Coordinator, Alameda County
Jairo Bustos, Leadership Program Case Manager, Santa Clara County
Jamela Joseph, MSOD, Director of Alameda County
Jessalina Perez, CAFA Mentor Program Case Manager, Santa Clara County
Jessica Peregrina, Youth Advisory Council Manager, Alameda County
Jesus Martinez, Middle School Program Case Manager
John Vo, Accounting Coordinator
Joshua Orcine, Law Program Site Manager, San Mateo County
Julissa Martinez-Salinas, Law Program Evaluation Specialist, San Mateo County
Karina Morales, Reentry Program Case Manager, Santa Clara County
Karinna De La Cruz, Middle School Case Manager, Santa Clara County
Kate Hiester, Director of San Mateo County
Kelsey Mikols, Reentry Program Case Manager, San Mateo County
Kris Scott, Leadership and Middle School Programs Manager, Santa Clara County
Lizbeth Martinez, Lead STAY FLY Case Manager, San Mateo County
Lizzie Scanlon, MOT, Associate Director of Community Resources
Mallory Wilson, CAFA Mentor Program Case Manager, Alameda County
Marcella Sorrentino, Career Pathways Navigator, Santa Clara County
Maria Delgado, Lead Leadership Program Case Manager, San Mateo County
Martin Martinez, CAFA Mentor Program Lead Case Manager, Santa Clara County
Maureen Adams, Program Evaluation Specialist, Santa Clara County
Meghan Monteiro, Director of Evaluation & Learning
Melissa Poling, Law & Reentry Program Manager, San Mateo County
Meredith McGrathAssociate Director of Youth Voice
Natalia Perfetto, Director of Finance and Operations
Nazanin Qudus, Operations & Compliance Manager
Nick Jasso, Youth Voice Policy Coordinator
Rachel Vosters, Evaluation & Learning Manager
Reyna Martinez, Talent Development Manager
Rochelle Sarmiento, Accounting Manager
Robert Enriquez, Leadership Program Coordinator, San Mateo County
Rosenda Rodarte, CAFA Mentor Program Case Manager, Alameda County
Ryan Ly, Executive Administrator
Sayra Barrera, Credible Messenger Mentor
Stephanie Martinez, Leadership Program Case Manager, Santa Clara County
Stephanie Shinsato, Credible Messenger Mentor
Tara Spaans, CAFA Recruitment & Events Manager, Alameda County
Taylor Phan, Law & STAY FLY Programs Coordinator, Santa Clara County
Tina Tellez, Reentry Program Lead Case Manager, Santa Clara County
Tracy Genica, Director of Communications
Trevor Arceneaux, MA, Associate Director of Alameda County
Trinity Cuevas, Leadership Program Case Manager, Santa Clara County
Trisha Mah, Law & STAY FLY Programs Manager, Alameda County
Tuyen Tong, Development Coordinator
Tyenesha Washington, Leadership Program Case Manager, Alameda County
Vianni Garcia, Law Program Site Manager, Santa Clara County
Yuni Cisneros, Leadership Program Manager, San Mateo County

Board of Directors, 2021-2022

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Board Chair:  June Wang, Independent Consultant
Chair Emeritus: Mark Donnelly, Retired Executive at Apple Inc.
Vice-Chair: Melynnie Rizvi, Head of Global Employment Law and Litigation at SurveyMonkey
Treasurer: Kristin Major, Senior Vice President Human Resources at Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company
Secretary: Donna M. Petkanics, Partner at Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati

Diana Bell, Retired Executive, Hewlett Packard Company
Meera Chary, Partner at The Bridgespan Group, San Francisco
Gordon Davidson Esq., Partner at Fenwick & West LLP
Robert A. DeJesus, Retired Assistant Chief Probation Officer, Santa Clara County
Stuart D. Lee, Vice President of Sales, North America West at AlgoSec
Joan Malcolm, Director, External Affairs, GRAIL, Inc.
Ulrico S. Rosales, Esq., Partner at Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati
Hon. Patrick Tondreau, Santa Clara Co. Superior Court (ret.)
Gene Wade, Co-founder and CEO of Honors Pathway
DeAnn F. Work, Deputy General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer of Altaba Inc