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Founded in 2000, Fresh Lifelines for Youth (FLY) is an award-winning nonprofit dedicated to breaking the cycle of violence, crime, and incarceration of teens. FLY believes that all our children deserve a chance to become more than their past mistakes. FLY’s unique programs include legal education, leadership training, and one-one-one mentoring. For one-tenth the cost of incarceration, FLY provides youth involved in the juvenile justice system, and those most at risk, with the motivation and support to stay out of trouble with the law, get engaged in school, and begin to change their lives. The result is a safer, healthier community for us all.

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Lighting the Way Forward (Nick’s Story): Watch this video from Silicon Valley Communication Foundation about the impact of FLY on youth

FLY’s Mission and History

Understanding the Need for FLY and our Results

FLY’s Programs


Results that Benefit Our Community

Year after year more than 80% of FLY youth in all our programs:

  • Get inspired to change
  • Gain the confidence and skills they need to make change happen
  • Can now resist negative peer pressure
  • Are less likely to break the law


And in our core programs on average every year:

  • More than 80% are not convicted of a criminal charge during the program
  • 80% of our eligible high school seniors graduate or get their GEDs
  • More than 98% report they now have HOPE for their future