Success in Alameda County

Success in Alameda County

We have just completed the first of a three-year plan to bring our Law and Leadership programs to Alameda County. Thanks to your support our first year has been filled with many accomplishments and key learning that will inform our efforts going forward.

Here’s what we accomplished together this year:

  • 230 youth served at seven high schools
  • 12 law program completion ceremonies
  • 12 field trips to college campuses
  • 10 youth served in a pilot version of our Leadership Program

“Q,” a member of our pilot Leadership program, valued the learnings and experiences FLY opened up for him. “They taught me about the law and how not to get in trouble, to manage my emotions and stuff. And it’s fun!” he said.

He also valued the support he received from his case manager. “With my case manager, I go out and try new things, do stuff I never did before, or talk about what I’m feeling that day,” said Q.

Q also benefited from being around other FLY youth. “I got to meet other kids who are kind of from the same environment as me. I don’t usually like to talk to everyone, but I could talk to them, because they have had the same types of experiences as I did,” he said.

FLY’s early success has opened doors for us to play a role in enhancing community and improving systems efforts to support justice-involved youth. During the year, FLY served as a voice for Juvenile Justice Youth in alternative schools and detention through the Alameda County Office of Education’s (ACOE) Career Pathways Initiative. We were able to lend our voice and expertise on youth in the justice system to the Oakland/Alameda Boys and Men of Color Community Table.  Finally, we taught an intensive one-week version of our legal education curriculum at Butler Academy, the high school for youth incarcerated in the Juvenile Justice Center, the county’s long-term juvenile detention facility.

Next year in Alameda County we anticipate serving as many as 225 youth through the Law Program and launching our full Leadership Training Program in the jurisdiction.