The Secret Behind Youth Making Change Happen

Leadership Program is the Secret Behind Youth Making Change Happen

San Mateo County youth face their fears at Leadership Retreat

After youth complete the Law Program, FLY uses a number of assessment tools to determine which of youth are ready for change, and specifically for the rigorous work involved in FLY’s Leadership Training Program. The 10-month program provides intensive, prescriptive individual support, as well as leadership development activities conducted in a group setting, to help fully position youth to transform their lives.

FLY case managers provide ongoing support, connecting Leadership youth to needed services (such as mental health or substance abuse counseling), serving as advocates with school personnel, educating family and friends, and helping our young clients keep to the tasks outlined in their individual rehabilitation plans. One-to-one case management is key as youth try out their new skills, both in the safety of the FLY community (through group activities and service-learning projects), and in their daily lives with family, friends, and schoolmates.

“The Leadership Retreat was life-changing!” – Daniel, FLY alumnus