Quixey Shares Apps and Opportunities with FLY Youth

Quixey Shares Apps and Opportunities for Youth

2016-01-20 19.18.33

Quixey, a local company that helps people access and get the most out of apps, and one of FLY’s wonderful corporate supporters, recently hosted a day of learning and exploration for FLY Santa Clara County Leadership youth.

At the special event, FLY youth learned the basics of app building, website development, and photo editing with Photoshop and other design software. “Our youth did a fantastic job practicing their leadership skills, respectfulness and being engaged participants. It was amazing to watch how in such a short time in Leadership, our youth develop a sense of family, responsibility and an attitude of gratitude,” said Susie Rivera, FLY Director of Events and Client Engagement.

Thanks to FLY Board Member and Quixey Senior Director Taher Savliwala, Quixey Cultural Events Manager Dylan Avatar, and many other Quixey volunteers and FLY supporters who made this event possible.

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