FLY’s Annual Report

Thank you for your interest in FLY. This page contains highlights from our FY2016-2017 Annual Report, including the performance of our programs, our longer term outcomes, basic financials, and our community support. To read the full report, click here.

The theme for the past year at FLY has been “Together We Stand Tall.” It comes from the amazing experience we give our youth when we visit a grove of tall redwood trees during our three-day leadership retreats. For most of the kids, this is their first experience in nature. The most important lesson we teach them is that despite their past troubles and mistakes, they are all like those trees: beautiful, strong, resilient, adaptable, and helpful.

And because of your support, FLY youth have the chance to stand tall as they find a new path away from the pipeline to prison, to a place where they can grow and thrive. Thank you for believing in them and believing in FLY. 

Click here to read FLY’s full FY2016-2017 Annual Report. For financial reports from past years, click here.

Charity Navigator, the largest charity evaluator in America, ranks FLY among the top nonprofits in the nation based on financial stability, efficiency, accountability, and transparency. FLY has also received the GuideStar Gold Seal of Transparency. Click on either image to read FLY’s profile on that site.