Based on FLY’s successful Law and Leadership program models, FLY’s Aftercare Program is a two-part program providing legal education and case management to youth who are incarcerated in residential facilities.

Statistics show that the first 6 months after youth are released from incarceration are when youth are the most at-risk for re-offending. To better prepare them for their successful transition to their communities, youth participate in the Law Program prior to their release from custody. In the Law Program, youth not only learn about the laws and consequences of crime, they also learn valuable life skills like empathy, decisions making, and critical thinking.

The second phase of the Program begins once youth are released from incarceration. Upon release, the FLY facilitators who provided the class become their case managers/mentors who offer structured support and guidance up to 6 months during the aftercare probationary period. Youth work with their case managers to set goals around education, work, and getting their lives back on track.