Leadership Training Program

Designed by FLY juvenile justice clients who wanted a way to give to, instead of take from their communities, the Leadership Training Program inspires and empowers youth to maximize their potential and transform their lives.

This year, FLY is serving 70 youth in its Leadership Training Programs. We do this work for less than 1/10th of the cost of incarceration. [see our cost savings here]

Who Does the Leadership Training Program Serve?
The Leadership Training Program serves youth, ages 15-18, who have completed the FLY 12-week Law Program and want and need to continue making changes to their behavior, but do not yet have all the skills and support be successful on their own.

What Are the Goals of the Leadership Training Program?
The Leadership Training Program is designed to harness the youth’s new found desire to change their direction, solidify their goals, and experience success. Ongoing case management helps youth to select and work towards their dreams like: getting off probation, graduating high school, getting a job or going to college, and transcending the all-too common cycle of crime, violence, and poverty.

Who Helps Our Youth?
Each youth is matched with a FLY case manager, who does a comprehensive intake and assessment to help the youth identify and build on their innate talents and strengths. Together they create an action plan with goals in the areas such as: education, vocation, family, health, life skills, and completion of probation. Victories are celebrated along the way and, when there are setbacks, the case manager is there to help the youth step up and try again.

How Does the Leadership Training Program Benefit Youth?
In addition to the one-on-one component, there are also group activities including: a 3-day wilderness retreat, ongoing service learning projects, and group activities where youth connect with a new, positive peer group.

How Does the Leadership Training Program Benefit the Community?
Each year, youth provide over 4,000 hours of community service, reaching over 1,500 people. With community service projects like: reading stories to kindergarten children; helping restore homes for seniors; helping feed the homeless; and, speaking to middle school students about the dangers of drugs, gangs, violence, and crime. Over 90% of these students report that because of what they heard they are less likely to break the law.

It was only by doing community service, that I realized there really is a good person inside.” – FLY Youth

What is the Leadership Training Program’s Impact?

FLY’s Leadership Training Program has a history of success.  For example:

  • 75% of youth do not offend during the program
  • 60-80% of eligible high school seniors graduate high school or receive their GEDs
  • 95% say the program gave them access to a positive adult role models
  • 95% now have hope for their futures

As summarized by one Leadership Training Program graduate: “Before FLY we were hopeless and lost children, now, with FLY’s help we are on our way to becoming successful adults.

For more information about the Leadership Training Program, contact:

Santa Clara County: Abraham Menor, Abraham@flyprogram.org
San Mateo County: Fabiola Alejandre, Fabiola@flyprogram.org