FLY is an award-winning organization dedicated to breaking the cycle of violence, crime, and incarceration of teens. We care deeply about inspiring youth on probation and those at-risk of entering the justice system to build on their strengths and alter the trajectory of their lives. We actively build communities of positive adult role models willing to support youth in their transformation process. FLY partners with the local juvenile justice systems to bring the youth voice to policy discussion, helping the system be more effective.

FLY Works:

At FLY, we dare to work with kids others won’t because, quite simply, we know what works. FLY Programs are highly respected, offering quantifiable and repeatable results, year after year over…

  • More than 80% of our youth report that FLY inspires them to make positive changes and healthier choices in their lives.
  • 80% of Law Program youth report learning about the law gives them confidence to resist negative peer pressure.
  • 75% of Leadership Program youth did not sustain a new offense during the program.
  • 95% of Mentor Program youth report that FLY gave them access to positive role models and hope for their future.

… At a fraction of the cost of incarceration:

For less than 1/10th of the cost of incarceration. To learn more about the FLY numbers, click here.

FLY helps youth:

  • gain an understanding and respect for a legal system that previously only seemed punitive
  • develop important life skills like empathy, problem solving and anger management
  • connect with positive adult role models who help them realize their potential and transform their lives

In order to affect change, a person has to want to change. FLY is uniquely able to give teens the right environment, role models, and the right tools to turn their lives around and build better futures. The result, a safer, happier, healthier community for us all.